BCRC Forage Project

“Building Long-Term Capacity For Resilient Cow-Calf Production Systems.”

Project funded by the Beef Cattle Research Council

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photo 1Building Long-Term Capacity for Resilient Cow-calf Production Systems

Everything You Need to Know About Stockpiled Grazing

What are we doing?

Evaluating stockpiled perennial and annual forages to fill knowledge gaps in forage and beef cow performance in extended grazing systems

What is involved?

  • Small plot assessment of perennial and annual forages
  • Fall/winter grazing study with dry beef cows
  • Economic analysis of extended grazing of stockpiled forages

Who is involved?

  • University of Manitoba
  • Western Beef Development Centre
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • MBP

Caman site measuring forage height Oct 2015Perennial forages*

  • Killarney Orchardgrass
  • Courtenay Tall Fescue
  • Success Hybrid Brome
  • Fleet Meadowbrome
  • Armada Meadowbrome
  • Algonquin Alfalfa
  • Yellowhead Alfalfa
  • Oxley II Cicer Milkvetch

*Early vs Late Stockpiling

Experimental Sites

  • Carman, MB
  • Roblin, MB
  • Arborg, MB
  • Lanigan, SK
  • Saskatoon, SK

Annual forages

  • Fusion CornForage harvester Carman site Oct 2015
  • Golden German Foxtail millet
  • Haymaker Oats
  • Hazlet Fall Rye
  • Maverick Barley
  • Aubade Westerwold
  • Mammoth Soybeans

2016 – 2017: Fall/winter grazing study

  • Assessment of forage utilization by dry beef cows
  • Four stockpiled forage treatments
  • Evaluation of animal performance during overwintering

2016 – 2018: Economic analysis of stockpiled grazing

  • Net return on investment
  • Comparison to conventional/standard overwintering system
  • Variation in returns using standard risk analysis tools