Verified Beef Production


Verified Beef ProductionVerified Beef Production (VBP) is Canada’s verified on-farm food safety program for
beef—a dynamic program to uphold consumer confidence in the products and good
practices of this country’s beef producers.

Beef producers already have a reputation for acting responsibly, but VBP takes that to a new level. Grassroots driven and industry-led, the program is part of a broad effort by Canada’s food providers to ensure on-farm food safety.

It is based on the principles of an international quality control program used widely in many industries, called Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), which has been specifically adapted for VBP.

The overall result is stronger competitiveness for Canada’s beef industry, as food safety continues to grow as a major factor in consumer buying decisions.


A VBP-registered operation provides immediate and long-term benefits for Canadian beef producers such as:

  • Proof of responsible actions
  • Improve awareness of food safety risks
  • Readiness should market require it
  • Improved use of animal health products
  • Optional: authenticity of third party audit
  • Take credit for what you are doing
  • Tool to develop branded products
  • Basis for training staff/family members
  • Satisfaction of doing things right
  • VBP program is recognized by Canadian Food Inspection Agency


The success of Canada’s beef industry depends on consumer confidence worldwide. VBP helps the industry achieve that in several ways:

  • Defining standards for the safety, quality and consistency of Canadian beef and beef products
  • Building potential to increase market share, domestically and internationally
  • Helping to minimize costly product recalls
  • VBP complements food safety programs beyond the farm gate
  • Providing a tool to develop market alliances, which may improve economic returns, within the agriculture and processing sectors
  • Enhancing quality improvement and crisis management abilities

For more information on Verified Beef Production, visit or contact Betty Green, Provincial Coordinator – Verified Beef Production, at 204-372-6492 or through email