Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off to increase April 1

Posted March 5, 2018

(Winnipeg, MB) – Manitoba Beef Producers has announced that effective April 1, the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off Agency (the Agency) will begin collecting the increased Canadian Beef Cattle Check Off (commonly referred to as the National Check-Off or NCO) of $2.50/head.

A resolution to support the increase of the NCO from $1/head to $2.50 was passed at the 37th Manitoba Beef Producers Annual General Meeting in February of 2016. Since then a great deal of work has been going on behind the scenes to ensure that the proper procedural steps were taken to enact the increase.

MBP President Ben Fox said the NCO increase was deemed necessary by the industry to support the goals laid out in the National Beef Strategy. Released in 2015, the National Beef Strategy is based around four pillars – connectivity, productivity, competitiveness and beef demand – that each contain a number of goals and outcomes, which were developed by an industry-led planning group. That same group also determined that if the beef industry is to meet those goals an increase in the national check-off, the first since 2002, was required.

“The increase is needed to support the strategy which, we believe, will ultimately lead to a stronger industry for our producers here in Manitoba,” Fox said.

Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency General Manager Melinda German said the NCO increase will be invested into market development, promotion and research initiatives that will continue to advance the Canadian beef industry as a whole. She added that studies show producers have received a strong return on their check-off investment and can expect that to continue into the future.

“The benefit-cost ratio of the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off was calculated at returning $14 to the industry for every $1 that was invested between 2011 and 2014. This is incredible value for the $1 check-off, and we expect to continue seeing a high rate of return for the industry with an increased check-off across the country.”

MBP’s provincial check-off of $3 per head will not be increasing. General Manager Brian Lemon said that provincial check-off is used to fund MBP’s work on behalf of its members as well as the association’s membership in national organizations such as the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and the National Cattle Feeders Association.

“These check-offs, whether it’s our provincial check-off or the national check-off, enable us to market our member’s product, support research and to advocate with governments and other organizations on the industry’s behalf,” Lemon said.

“The beef industry is fortunate to have a number of dedicated and talented people working to ensure everything is in place for all involved to be successful. The funds collected through the provincial and national check-offs are the lifeblood of that work.”