Job Posting: Beef Production Specialist

Posted December 1, 2017

Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) is seeking a knowledgeable, experienced and energetic person to become our Beef Production Specialist.  The Beef Production Specialist will work in our Winnipeg office and be responsible for providing technical support and strategic direction to MBP in all areas of beef production, providing project support, and guiding extension and tech-transfer activities.  The successful candidate will work with MBP staff and directors, as well as cattle producers, external organizations, research agencies, and government officials, to identify issues, compile and analyze information, and provide advice on appropriate policy positions and strategies for MBP.

Candidates for the position must have a university degree in animal science or veterinary medicine, and a minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience working in the beef industry. Alternatively, an acceptable combination of education and experience may be considered.  Applicants must have a detailed knowledge of cattle production practices.  The successful candidate must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to apply knowledge, research and analysis and collaborate with other professionals towards understanding and solving complex technical issues. Applicants should have a basic knowledge of government regulations and policy processes, as well as some experience dealing with government officials.  Applicants must be comfortable public speaking and leading extension discussions. Applicants must be willing work flexible hours and travel within the province, and occasionally across Canada.  MBP offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

Manitoba Beef Producers is the exclusive voice of the beef industry in Manitoba. It represents roughly 6,500 beef producers across the province. MBP is a non-profit organization with a producer-elected board of 14 directors, along with 5.5 staff. The mission of MBP is to represent all beef producers in Manitoba through communication, advocacy, research, and education—within the industry to governments, consumers and others; to improve prosperity and ensure a sustainable future. Funded 100% by producers through collection of producer check-off, MBP is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for the beef industry in the province for the benefit of our beef producers and all Manitobans.

For a work description of the Beef Production Specialist position please click here.

MBP will be accepting applications until January 26, 2018.  Interested applicants should forward a cover letter and resume to:

Manitoba Beef Producers

Attention:  Brian Lemon, General Manager

220-530 Century Street

Winnipeg, MB  R3H 0Y4


Fax: 204-774-3264