Manitoba Beef Producers welcomes Lake Manitoba Outlet channel funding

Posted June 18, 2018

WINNIPEG – Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) is pleased the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba have announced a combined $540 million in funding for needed flood protection measures for Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin.

“MBP has strongly sought and supported the construction of outlet channels at Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin. Producers in the Interlake, around Lake Manitoba and beyond have repeatedly sacrificed their valuable production land to protect their fellow Manitobans, and this has placed a heavy toll on our industry,” said MBP President Ben E. Fox. “The steep financial costs to producers, caused by flooding, has forced many to leave the industry.”

Repeated flooding and water management challenges have cost cattle producers income, and has limited Manitoba’s ability to expand its beef cattle herd. That’s why MBP has lobbied on behalf of producers for many years to improve flood protection measures. Flooding’s severe impact on pasture and forage land can at times take it out of production for years during the event and the recovery phase.

Beef producers recognize that for the Lake Manitoba outlet channel to be built, there will be impacts to some producers’ operations. Producers have already suffered greatly from flooding and water management policies. MBP continues to push for governments to follow land valuation practices when expropriating land needed to complete this project. In recognition of the long-term sacrifices of producers have made, and are still being asked to make for the greater good of fellow Manitobans to prevent catastrophic flooding, MBP requests these producers be compensated the loss of land, and inefficiencies added to their operations due to the expropriation process.