MBP Encourages Producers to Participate in Provincial Government Consultation on Agricultural Crown Land Program Modernization

Posted October 2, 2020

Manitoba Beef Producers is strongly encouraging all agricultural Crown land leaseholders to participate in the recently announced consultation the provincial government is undertaking about the proposed renewal process for legacy forage leases and renewable permits.

Throughout the process the provincial government has been undertaking to modernize the Agricultural Crown Lands Leasing Program, MBP has repeatedly advocated for the first right of renewal with respect to eligible leases. MBP believes this consultation is a very important opportunity for producers to restate their views given the value of stability and continuity when it comes to a beef operation’s access to ACL and strong producer participation is key.

MBP continues to advocate with the Manitoba government on several other matters related to the ACL program. Of particular concern is the size of the rental rate increase and the pace at which it is being enacted. Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, MBP had asked for a five-year transition for the rental rate increase. MBP again respectfully asks that the provincial government give serious consideration to this request. A longer transition period would take into account factors such as successive challenging production years which drove up feed costs for many ACL lease holders, as well as ongoing uncertainty related to the pandemic and its implications for cattle markets going forward, among other factors facing the lease holders.

Other ACL matters MBP continues to advance with the province include, but are not limited to:

  • The continued ability for producers to be able to utilize unit transfers;
  • Whether there will be an opportunity for new entrants to establish their own legacy leases with their own family members;
  • The right to informed access whereby those wishing to access ACL would need to notify the lease or permit holder prior to entry;
  • Government recognition of the ecosystem services lease holders providing in managing ACL;
  • Mechanisms to address concerns about the new process for valuing leasehold improvements; and
  • Potential opportunities for interested lease holders to purchase ACL in a swifter fashion.

To take part in the consultation process, go to the Manitoba Regulatory Consultation Portal at https://reg.gov.mb.ca.home and provide your comments online prior to November 16. MBP will also be making a formal submission as part of this process.